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Born in the early 60's , I first became fascinated with masks when I watched hockey games after my own games and saw the first Jacques Plante fibrosport masks being used by kids. It was love at first sight. I was a winger but quickly changed into a winger / back up goalie. We couldn't afford the store bought masks, so I wore a helmet and cage . But I was bitten by the bug.


Trips to the HHOF to look at the pro masks followed and in the early 80's , I made my first masks . A Liut style, a Higgins style and a modern style. Lent out , they quickly disappeared. Life got in the way and hockey and masks took a back seat to work, cars and girls. 


Some time passed and I stumbled upon a pre Facebook site about goaltending and masks run by a friend in British Columbia named Brian Hedberg. The bug was back. After that, I started making masks and found a market for my work. Maskfest , started by Stewart Henderson was like a calling, and I haven't stopped since. Not having access to molds , I started compiling a database of photographs, and made my own molds. Friendships with some of the biggest names in masks ensued, and with advice and direction, I never looked back. 

A move in early 2020 to Nova Scotia will see a new shop built, and ramping up of my passion for making molds and masks. A special thanks must go to my friends Jeff Parsons, Nate Melotti, Mike Bewley, Greg Harrison and Ed Cubberly .

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